Recording Consultation... $25/hr
I can:
1. Organize the gear you have into an efficient workspace in order to minimize the time 
spent not actually recording.

2. Optimize your recording space acoustically for minimal $$ outlay.

3. Teach basic to advanced recording techniques, i.e.
	A. Mic placement and selection
	B. Gain structure/signal flow.
	C. Use of FX such as compressors, limiters, gates, EQ, reverb, delay, etc.
	D. Building a mix.

4. Produce and/or engineer your idling, sputtering or stalled CD Project.
Piano Lessons...
Eight week group (up to 4 people) beginning theory and piano keyboard lessons. 
Group class tuition $80 per eight week course. Private instuction available, 
beginning to intermediate, children to adult. $15 per 45 minute lesson.

Guitar and Bass Lessons...
Beginner to intermediate. Electric or acoustic guitar. 
Electric bass/most styles. $20.00/lesson or $80.00/month.